Texiterra becomes NATRUE approved


We are pleased to share that our Texiterra product range (Texiterra Sweet Almond Oil aside) has been NATRUE approved! You can spot these on our product pages with the identification of the NATRUE logo. NATRUE is a high quality internationally recognised private standard for authentic natural and organic beauty products that helps prevent greenwashing.

Being approved by NATRUE means that our products are suited to use in the highest quality natural and organic cosmetic products certified to the NATRUE standard. The aims and vision of the NATRUE AISBL resonates with our 2036 vision and Core Values

Scott Bader’s Sales Development Manager for Functional Polymers, Tracey Norton said “We are delighted that NATRUE have approved our Texiterra range. The NATRUE approval further strengths our range of natural oils, the first of their kind for Scott Bader. We look forward to working with our customers on their NATRUE approved formulations.” 


Scott Bader’s vision is that by 2036 we will be a fully sustainable company which means we will have a net positive impact on the environment across our global operation. Our Texiterra range is a great example of how we ethically source natural products.

Conscious Innovation

Conscious innovation is our personal care mission to help create a healthier, kinder and greener world. We are pushing for positive change and a more sustainable personal care industry that puts people and the planet first.

Through conscious innovation we provide personal care expertise and ingredients that cause minimum harm to the world and maximum benefit to people, accelerating the sustainable and innovative product development needed to suit the increasingly diverse world of personal care.

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