Why you should be using a Shampoo Bar


Shampoo Bars have become the newest and most innovative format of hair cleansing products, allowing consumers to reduce their plastic consumption. The solid format allows for the ideal travel product, being compact while still full of the ingredients we all love to cleanse our hair, but without the plastic packaging.

In line with our sustainability goals and company ethos, shampoo bars tick all the boxes for others who want to join us in our personal care mission to help create a healthier, kinder, and greener world.

Around 550 million shampoo bottles are thrown away each year. To reduce this number the natural, plastic free bars are becoming readily available. Not only are they plastic free, they contain around 80% less water than a plastic bottle of shampoo.

We are pushing for positive change and a more sustainable personal care industry that puts people and the planet first, as we move towards our 2036 vision of becoming a fully sustainable company with a net positive impact on the environment.

Shampoo Bar formulation using 93% natural Texique CS-P

Texique® CS-P is a 93% natural easy-to-use modified film forming cationic starch derivative, produced from food grade potato starch that has not been genetically modified. This 93% naturally derived product is an excellent ingredient to include in our Cold Process Sulphate Free Shampoo/Body wash Bar formulation as it leaves hair feeling soft and natural, while providing excellent detangling and an increase in hair shine, helping to moisturise and improve manageability.


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