Texique HE10 chosen for Honnes baby care lotion and hand cream in Turkey

Prioritising high quality production based on sustainable principles, Honnes is one of the leading manufacturers of medical supplies and cosmetic products in Turkey.

Honnes have a range of brands offering reliable health care products, including their skincare brand, Tiny Green.

They chose to work with Scott Bader Personal Care for our high performing and sustainable personal care ingredients. Following product testing, Texique HE10 was identified as the perfect sustainable and effective thickener to use in their baby, hair, and skin care formulations.

“Texique HE10 is really effective and nice polymeric emulsifier.”

Vegan friendly products that care

The Honnes brand Tiny Green prides itself on creating products that are free of any animal-derived ingredients, making them Vegan friendly. Therefore, given its 100% vegan friendly and manufactured from over 60% natural ingredients, Texique HE10 by Scott Bader Personal Care was the perfect choice to use in their baby care lotion and hand cream for adults, to create a quality product that upholds their values and ethics.

Honnes and Scott Bader’s values align, with our partnership focused on providing products that meet our environmental agenda’s and ingredients that are loved by our customers in equal measure. Find out more about Scott Bader’s ethos here.

Texique HE10

As part of our range of bio-based personal care additives, Texique HE10 is a specially designed multi-functional additive for a wide range of personal care applications, from skin and body care to styling and grooming. With sustainability and the environment in mind, this product is manufactured from over 60% naturally derived ingredients, with no animal-based products whilst being completely free of ethylene oxide.

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