In a world where personal care products are not only expected to perform but also align with sustainability goals, we’d like to introduce Texique HE50, an innovative bio-based high-performance thickener crafted from 68% naturally derived ingredient.

Texique HE50 was developed to meet the demands of the personal care industry, giving formulators a multi-functional additive for personal care applications. Providing thickening, stabilising, emulsifying and texturizing properties

The benefits of HE50 include enhanced skin softness and offering a low tack feel, elevating the user experience. As a multifunctional material, HE50 can be used in wide range of product formulations such as it can be used in wide range of product formulations such as sun care, baby care, male grooming and more. Learn more of our product benefits here.

Discover the full Texique HE range, that includes HE10, HE20 and HE50. All multifunctional, providing thickening, stabilising, emulsifying and texturising properties, even in cold process systems.


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Our product ranges cover a wide selection of applications within the personal care market, formulated with both people and the environment in mind. You can feel safe in the knowledge that by using our ingredients you are taking care of both.

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