Celebrating National Mens Grooming Day


National Men’s Grooming Day is celebrated on the third Friday of every August. The day is prominently observed to encourage men to buy and use grooming products.

Over the years, men’s grooming routines have become more intensive, evolving from a shower, shave and deodorant to a more detailed routine including facial cleansers, moisturisers and hair and beard oils.

This national date has become a celebration of individuality, self-care and the power of presentation, helping men understand the importance of looking and feeling good. It’s a form of self-care that can set the tone for the day and positively impact our overall well-being.

What ingredients can I use to meet this trend?

Using Texique HE10, our men’s Post-Shave Balm Formulation has been crafted with male grooming in mind. Key stand outs:

Unmatched soothing properties: shaving can often cause irritation and redness, leaving the skin feeling uncomfortable. Texique HE10, produced from over 60% naturally derived ingredients, is enriched with soothing properties that help calm the skin, reducing post-shave inflammation and leaving you with a soothing sensation.

Hydration booster: dry skin can be a persistent issue, especially after shaving. This post-shave balm acts as a hydration booster, locking in moisture to prevent dryness and maintaining skin suppleness throughout the day.

Natural ingredients: Scott Bader Personal Care takes pride in using natural and skin-friendly ingredients. This formulation is no exception, free from harsh chemicals that could harm your skin.

So, celebrate today by investing in yourself with new and natural personal care products.

Conscious Innovation

Conscious innovation is our personal care mission to help create a healthier, kinder, and greener world. We are pushing for positive change and a more sustainable personal care industry that puts people and the planet first.


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