How to formulate a men’s soothing aftershave balm (92% naturally derived*)


Introducing our first how to video, allowing you to follow our step-by-step guide in the process of creating a cold process aftershave balm using Texique bio-based thickeners and Texiterra natural oils.

Included in this vegan friendly formulation is Texiterra Grapeseed Oil, Texiterra Kalahari Melon Seed Oil both used for skin softening and Texique HE10 to emulsify and produce the final product.

Our step-by-step video includes footage from Perminder, our Senior Applications Chemist formulating the balm, detailed written and spoken instructions and a full ingredients list.


Our Texiterra range is carefully sourced from partners who share Scott Bader’s ethics and values. Find out more here.

Our ethos
Scott Bader has always been conscious of the importance of respecting nature and minimising our environmental footprint. Improving our sustainability and environmental impact is a constant mission and makes us a driving force for our industry.
This is reflected in our 2036 Vision. By 2036 we will have a net positive impact on the environment from all our operations globally. Collaborating actively with our partners, we will drive our value chains towards a regenerative, positive impact on the environment through the products and services we supply.

* according to ISO 16128 including formulation water

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