Harness the power of Scott Bader Personal Care: hair care with sustainability in mind


Hair care is an increasingly growing market, with new trends always appearing. In line with this, consumers are also becoming more conscious of their environmental responsibility, both Texique and Texiterra product lines cover these demands.

Texique’s formulations excel in providing unmatched versatility and elevating sensory experiences, while Teriterra’s focus on leveraging sustainably sourced oils appeals to eco-conscious buyers. Both ranges offer a compelling alignment with the growing demand for products that not only provide exceptional performance but also respect the planet’s resources.

The versatility of our personal care products in hair care formulations is a formulator’s dream. From shampoos to hair masks, and everything in between, our products offer a natural canvas to create products that go above and beyond in maintaining your customers’ hair health.

Sustainability is a principle that influences every aspect of our products. Scott Bader Personal Care is not just a provider of ingredients; it’s a partner on the journey to conscious innovation. Conscious innovation is our personal care mission to help create a healthier, kinder and greener world. We are pushing for positive change and a more sustainable personal care industry that puts people and the planet first. Through conscious innovation we provide personal care expertise and ingredients that cause minimum harm to the world and maximum benefit to people.

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Our team of expert chemists are committed to providing the guidance and support you need to make the most of Texique and Texiterra products. Whether it’s educational videos, example formulations, or collaborative innovation projects, Scott Bader stands ready to assist youf every step of the way.

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Our product ranges cover a wide selection of applications within the personal care market, formulated with both people and the environment in mind. You can feel safe in the knowledge that by using our ingredients you are taking care of both.

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Everything you need to know about using our personal care products, including educational videos, data sheets and example formulations.

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Our founder, Ernest Bader, believed that ethical and moral action to improve this world was vital. His beliefs are still the foundation for everything we do and they continue to drive our innovation today.

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