Water conscious – sustainability in personal care formulations


Check your shelf in the bathroom cabinet, 83% of personal care products contain water (commonly listed as AQUA) usually the first product in the ingredient list.

The UN reports that with existing climate change conditions, “almost half the world’s population will be living in areas of high water stress by 2030.” With water being the number one raw material in the industry and with resources diminishing, the industry is having to rethink how to reduce or eliminate water consumption in manufacturing and formulations

The growth of waterless formulations is hugely important in the personal care industry, with only 1% of the worlds water being accessible to humans it is essential that we learn to manage the water that we already have access to and begin creating formulations using more functional ingredients, cutting the water usage in the manufacturing process.

Personal Care by Scott Bader have created a collection of waterless formulations to assist the growth of the market, alongside reducing our water wastage to help reduce water consumption and combat water scarcity.

Products such as shampoo and conditioner bars are a great way to get a foot into reducing water consumption, containing around 80% less water than a plastic bottle of shampoo. You can find out more here on why you should be using a shampoo bar.

In line with our sustainability goals and company ethos, waterless formulations tick the boxes for others who want to join us in our personal care mission to help create a healthier, kinder, and greener world.

Earlier this year we were pleased to share that we achieved a 6% reduction in water intensity per kt of product produced in 2022 compared to 2021, along with further progress in reducing market-based Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 25.9%. We are working hard towards achieving our 2036 vision.

Conscious Innovation

Conscious innovation is our personal care mission to help create a healthier, kinder and greener world. We are pushing for positive change and a more sustainable personal care industry that puts people and the planet first.

Through conscious innovation we provide personal care expertise and ingredients that cause minimum harm to the world and maximum benefit to people, accelerating the sustainable and innovative product development needed to suit the increasingly diverse world of personal care.

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